Some Popular Curbing Machines

Some of the popular curb machines today are:

The following are all taken from the sellers’s advertisements.



Northern Tool + Equipment has a curb machine for sale at 850.00


  • 5.8in. working width
  • 3 different curb styles
  • 550 Watt, 3/4 HP electric motor
  • 1,700 RPM
  • 17 1/8in.L x 9 3/8in.W cement hopper
  • The Klutch® Electric Walk-Behind Concrete Curb Machine is a 3-wheeled self-propelled machine that makes curbs up to 5.8in. wide in choice of 3 different mold styles. Powered by a 550 Watt, 3/4 HP electric motor that operates at 1,700 RPM.

This machine is good for homeowner want a DIY way of saving money though a level surface is needed for a professional look, but a sod cutter would be of great help in keeping the curb even.



This is a new creative curb ram curb machine. It is Gas Powered -made in the USA.



THREE SYSTEMS It comes with three systems to create three different kinds of curb.

TRIED AND PROVEN TECHNOLOGY This machine has been laying curb for the last 20 years.

PATENTED ORBITAL MOVEMENT These machines were upgraded with Curb-King’s patented orbital movement in 1997. The orbital movement cuts down on concrete waste at the side of the curb and it improves the compaction in the top half of the curb.

GAS OR ELECTRIC POWER You can choose Gas or Electric power for your curbing machine.

TRANSPORTS EASILY These machines are lighter than many of the machines in the industry. A fact that you will appreciate after a long day.

SLIPFORMS AND TROWELS These machines use Curb Kings extensive line of precision trowels and slipform shapes.

BUILT TO LAST These machines have a reputation of being a workhorse and lasting a long time.

ADJUSTING JACKS Adjusting jacks have handles that are easy on your hands.

ASPHALT CURBS This machine can be used to make asphalt curbs.


The next machines are really for someone wanting to go into business making curbs for homeowners as they are too expensive for a DIY unless you have money to burn- in which case you would probably hire someone else to work in your yard.


Cobra – Gas or Electric  – $4150

  • 3 HP Honda Gas Motor or 3/4 Electric
  • Variable Speed and Power Stroke
  • Variable Stroke Lengths
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Removable Cylindrical Hopper
  • Braking Systems Forward & Reverse
  • Wide Stance Wheels/Assembly
  • Quick Release Slip Forms

Cobra.  The Cobra is the first machine in the industry that has a stainless steel body and a removable stainless steel cylindrical hopper.  With a re-engineered power train the Cobra is a fast, efficient, powerful extruder.



Curb-King, as their website explains, developed and patented the orbital ram machine with the self-feed hopper to solve the hump or bridge buildup over the plunger, and the 20% wasted concrete dump on the side of the curb problems. The self-feed hopper solved the bridging problem by moving one complete wall of the hopper. This would break any bridge that formed.

The waste problem and the compaction problem were solved with the orbital motion. The ram comes in pushing the curb into the slipform, at the end of the stroke the ram wipes upward filling the top half of the curb. As the ram returns to the starting position it does so in a high position going over any material that squeezed behind the ram. With the next stroke most of the waste is put into the curb.


Lil’ Bubba TT Curb Machine

Lil’ Bubba® TT curb machine is the company’s economy landscape curber. The Lil’ Bubba TT machine does not contain the patented EP drive mechanism, rather a ram that travels in a back and forth motion only. This machine extrudes curb just as beautiful as the EP machine however lacks the power and anti-bridging properties. This machine will not produce the 24″ garden walks.